When Your Career Question Can't Be Put On Hold 

Facing a decision that must be made now (such as whether to take a new offer)?

Standing at a crossroads where you must turn right or left?

Dealing with a crisis (such as a layoff or performance review)?  

Or driving your friends, your family, and even yourself crazy because you can't figure something out (and it might be very small or very large)? 

When it comes to careers, time is not kind to those who wait. Career change doesn't get easier after you've put it off for 6 months. Decisions often come with deadlines.

Spend 30 minutes with me and you'll be off to a good start.  

"OK, Cathy, what's the cost?"

This no-frills, no-hype, no-fluff consult is currently  just $75.

"How do I get started?"

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Monday - Friday 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern/NY 

"I need more than 30 minutes."

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And I'd love to work with you! 

                 Cathy Goodwin